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About Us

The Mission

The objective of Saudi Arabia vACC is to provide regular, high quality Air Traffic Control (ATC) and Flight Information Service (FIS) in Jeddah Flight Information Region (FIR) on VATSIM network. Saudi Arabia vACC shall strive to offer a professional, realistic approach to flight simulation and at the same time give pilots utmost respect and courtesy, while learning about air traffic control or flying. The vACC maintains a strict policy of quality training with no compromise on nuisance and vacillating between resident or visitor members.

The Goal

Our goal is to become the one of the most active vACC on the network providing world class training and services to our members. We plan to make our vACC open to the virtual world of VATSIM to come and control our airspace as visitors and enjoy our regular events and activities.


The Saudi Arabia Virtual Area Control Center ( vACC ) is the official organization representing the local area of Saudi Arabia within the VATMENA division. Saudi Arabia vACC is a branch of the VATSIM Network structure.

Airspace Coverage

In Saudi Arabia vACC, the Saudi Arabian airspace is controlled upto FL660, therefore en-route services will not be given to any traffic flying above FL660.


Responsible for the area covered by the following Flight Information Region: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jeddah FIR (OEJD). vACC Saudi Arabia is organized in the VATSIM Middle East and North Africa Division Division (VATMENA). All material (documents, images and programs) produced specifically for the Saudi Arabia vACC , becomes the ownership of VATSIM. Saudi Arabia vACC will never publish resources which are to be used for real life operations, instead for simulation only! Saudi Arabia vACC will not be responsible for any damages caused due to any of the vACC's publications, users are always requested to cross check the vACC's resources and the vACC is always welcome to valid corrections.

Getting In Touch

VATSIM Saudi Arabia is always reachable via our support email address at info@vatsimsa.com. Emailing us at this address will get the attention of all departments. Once your email has been received, the appropriate department will respond to the sender's query and offering support as needed. Please allow 48 hours for a response from the vACC management or it's departments.

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